Revival Bug Fixes & Changes [Eclipse Arena Fix]


- Eclipse Arena has been enabled for Monday as well as Sunday, only for this week, due to the latest bug with the Eclipse Arena.

- You now get 1-5 eclipse tokens per NPC kill, double if you have the Eclipse fighter spawned


Bug Fixes

- Eclipse Arena now will reset your waves on login, every Sunday. Your first login after this update, will reset your waves (assuming its still sunday when you login)

- Fixed a bug where random things in the game thought monsters were bosses, such as kill boss daily tasks/progression tasks

- Fixed the Kill Monsters collectionist task

- You can no longer open the Pet Manager from Genesis

- Fixed bug where you wouldn't get Eclipse tokens when killing monsters/bosses

- The ::raids command has been fixed

- Elysian boss has been removed from random places

- Fixed event team not being able to spawn bosses with the rotten potato

- The bug where different withdraw/deposit options in the bank wouldn't work should now be fixed


Posted by Jonny


October 2, 2022, 10:17 am

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